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With Beijing’s support, genocide in Darfur continues

February 4, 2008

By Nat Hentoff
The Washington Times
February 4, 2008

For strutting arrogance, few world leaders equal Sudan’s president, Lt. Gen. Omar Bashir. Realistic hope is diminishing — in those countries that care — about ending the genocide in Darfur. Not surprisingly Gen. Bashir, on Jan. 7, reports the Sudan Tribune Web site, “was dancing (and) celebrating the completion, near Khartoum, of the Bridge of the Chinese-Sudanese Friendship.”
“With China’s help,” gloated Gen. Bashir (who has effectively obstructed the current mission of the combined force sent by the U.N. Security Council and the African Union), “Sudan will certainly score glorious achievements one after another on our path of construction and development.”
And China’s glory in hosting this year’s Olympics, so important for the improved reputation of that Chinese dictatorship, may not be tarred enough because of its quintessential economic support of Mr. al-Bashir to stop that support.
To further show his dancing contempt of the United Nations and President Bush, the first world leader to call the mass murders and rapes in Darfur “genocide,” Gen. Bashir on Jan. 16 appointed as a special advisor Musa Hilal — the chief leader and planner of Gen. Bashir’s monstrous militia, the

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