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Vietnamese Among Happiest People

November 29, 2008

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has the highest level of happiness in the Asia Pacific region, according to the latest global happiness survey by US market research firm The Nielsen Company.

The results of the survey, released Wednesday, shows that Vietnam is expected to have the highest level of happiness in the region over the next six months.

Moreover, Vietnamese citizens are ranked first globally regarding how satisfied they are with the global political situation.

The Nielsen Happiness Study, which polled 28,153 respondents online this May, found that there are three main drivers of happiness – personal financial situation, mental health and work.

Vietnamese are very happy with their physical health, personal security and finance, the government and the country’s present economic situation and not so satisfied with the state of their mental health, access to health care and information, the survey report said.

Vietnam and Japan top global rankings in valuing parental relations as an important happiness factor.

Vietnamese also consider relationships with their boss as a strong happiness driver, The Nielsen Company discovered, suggesting this finding is something employers in Vietnam should take notice.

Asha Phillips, manager of marketing and communications at The Nielsen Company Vietnam, said 49 percent of Vietnamese save their spare cash, indicating the people’s forward-thinking orientation.

“Many of the world’s emerging markets outrank developed countries in terms of happiness and satisfaction levels in nearly all aspects of lives,” said Bruce Paul, vice president of Consumer Research at The Nielsen Company. “For consumers in rapidly developing markets, there could be a greater sense of appreciation for improved social welfare compared to what they had a few years ago.”

The survey also revealed that globally, women are happier than men in most of the 51 countries polled, with the exception of Brazil, South Africa and Vietnam.

(Source: TN)