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‘Boat people’ thank sailors who helped them escape Vietnam

September 7, 2007

By E.B. Furgurson III
Capital Gazette Newspapers
Annapolis, MD

September 02, 2007

Frank Mathias thought he was gathering his old USS Lang shipmates unit for a reunion dinner geared to honor World War II veterans who served on a ship of the same name.

But the highlight of the evening was instead testimony from survivors of another war, a Vietnamese family plucked from a foundering boat in the Gulf of Thailand 25 years ago.

They travelled from Texas to give thanks.

“Thank you for saving our lives and giving us the chance to live the American dream,” Lena Chau-Pun and her mother told the 50 veterans and their families. “You are all true heroes.”

USS Lang (FF-1060)
USS Lang (FF-1060)

“My father kept a folder with information given to him on the USS Lang,” Ms. Chau-Pun told those at the dinner. “Once in a while he would pull out the folder and remind us not to forget those that saved our lives. ‘Make the USS Lang … proud of you,’ he said.”

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