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Chinese hackers targeted British government too – report

September 5, 2007

London – Chinese computer specialists, some thought to be from the military, have been attacking computer networks of British government departments, the Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday.The report follows allegations that China’s military hacked into a computer network of the Pentagon in Washington, a charge rejected as “groundless” by the government in Beijing.

According to the Guardian, hackers, some believed to be from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, hit the network at the Foreign Office in London as well as those in other key government departments.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) to say whether it had been hit, added the Guardian. It recalled an incident last year that shut down part of the House of Commons (parliament) computer system. After it was initially believed that an individual was responsible, it was later discovered to be the work of an organized Chinese hacking group, officials told the newspaper.

While security and defence officials are “coy” about what they knew of specific attacks, one expert described it as a “constant ongoing problem.”

China denies hacking Pentagon