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Afg-Pak “Grand Jirga” Politics from Muhammad

August 11, 2007

Dear John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Dear Sir, Sometime my heart wants just to solute you as your kindness and correct approach have been bringing some positive change on the tribal areas.

It is only after interest now the United States administration has changed its attitude and so the Pakistani government.

I think now Musharraf has been showing some seriousness, but some the officials within his team have still been providing support to Taliban and terrorists.

I want to bring in your kind notice Pakistan has sent those people of the peace jirga being held in Kabul, who have been supporting Taliban and terrorists. Pakistan has created Taliban and has still been breeding them. In think if the government of Pakistan withdraw its support from Taliban and terrorists then they will have no place on this earth.

The United States should exert more pressure on Pakistan without caring for that someone will be annoyed. The elimination of terrorists and Taliban is a must for saving this world. The jirga preceeding in Kabul shows that it is a futile exercise.

According to reports from Kabul, A council of Pakistani and Afghan tribal leaders debating ways to end Al Qaeda-backed terrorism in the region heard calls on Friday for Western forces to be thrown out of Afghanistan in favour of Islamic troops.Pakistani tribal elder and former MP, Malik Fazel Manaan Mohmand, said the presence of NATO and US-led forces in Afghanistan was a major cause of insecurity.

“Pakistan had helped Afghanistan battle the invading Soviets in a jihad, but Kabul had now brought in a new foreign force,” he said. “How can I accept that yesterday jihad against the Russians was a must, and today this is not a jihad?” he asked.“There is no need for the NATO forces. Bring Islamic countries’ troops,” said Mohmand.

Pakistan’s State Minister for Education Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli lashed out at the Afghans by reminding them that Kabul had voted against Pakistan’s entry to the UN in 1947.

“But even then we helped Afghanistan,” a charged Anisa told the delegates in Urdu. She said that “invisible forces” did not want the relations between the two countries to normalise. She, however, did not identify the “invisible forces”. They said that the Afghan authorities tried on Thursday night to remove irritation among the Pakistani delegates and officials when the Afghan delegates indulged in blame-game.

Ms Barakzai said there was a need to “heal the wounds” and “open doors for dialogue” since women and children were the most affected in the conflict.

She urged the jirga delegates to demand for the release for Korean women taken hostage by the Taliban.

Anisa asked why the Hamid Karzai government was opposing Islamabad’s efforts to put a new border security management in place to stem illegal cross-border movement.

The delegates from the two countries divided into five committees to talk about investigating terrorist groups, intelligence sharing and drugs, said Alimi Balkhi, an Afghan lawmaker who headed one of the working groups.

Dear Sir, it is ironic to note most of the members of jirga have no connection with the tribal areas. Just take the example of Pakistani lady minister. She knows nothing about the tribal areas as she belongs to some other areas. How she can talk about the tribal areas?

I think these people have no justification to demand the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan. I think the NATO forces should enter the tribal areas for controlling terrorism.

Actually terrorists of international fame have been preparing plans for attacks in various parts of the country. These terrorists must be checked at this point.

Please Sir, continue your cooperation. The people of Bajaur Agency, tribal areas will never forget your kind contribution for the welfare of humanity.

Again thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Khurshid
Khar, Bajaur Agency,Tribal Areas Pakistan

Musharraf May Attend ‘Grand Jirga’ After All

Musharraf May Attend ‘Grand Jirga’ After All

August 11, 2007

Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf agreed “in principle” to address the closing session of a tribal council meeting in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

Musharraf, who had earlier decided against attending the meeting because of engagements at home, changed his mind after Afghan President Hamid Karzai invited him during a telephone conversation late yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. His visit may help ease tensions between the two South Asian neighbors who have accused each other of failing to secure their 2,430-kilometer (1,510 mile) border.

The Grand Jirga meeting, which ends tomorrow, is aimed at agreeing on measures to prevent al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters from using bases and crossing the mountainous and porous frontier to carry out attacks in both countries.

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