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Beijing’s Pollution Rises in 4-Day Test Of Restricted Driving

August 21, 2007

By Maureen Fan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, August 21, 2007; Page A10

BEIJING, Aug. 20 — Despite a move by authorities to slash the number of motorists in Beijing by more than a million during a pre-Olympics pollution test, the city’s skies remained a hazy white Monday evening and pollution levels showed a slight increase over the four-day trial period, Beijing’s Environmental Protection Bureau said.

A top Chinese environmental official attributed the increase to humid weather and said pollution levels had been higher just before the test began.

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China is one of the world's most-polluted countries. Most of the fine dust that pollutes Beijing comes from industry in the nearby Heibei province.

If all that pollution is not from the cars, how on earth is it produced?