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Ten Reasons to vote for McCain

November 3, 2008

10) Mr. McCain is much, much funnier than Barack Obama. But then, almost everyone is.

(9) Mr. McCain is a passionate patriot who has always been, and will always be, guided by what he thinks is best for America. He can trace his ancestry back to an officer on Gen. George Washington’s staff and his family has served the nation nobly in war and peace ever since. Mr. McCain believes in winning wars.

(8) Mr. McCain’s intimate familiarity with military matters also makes him less biddable by the armed services. He was able, when most others (most notably his opponent) were not, to see that a change of strategy in Iraq – not a retreat – was needed. He brings an informed skepticism to military procurement requests as well.

(7) As he told Rick Warren, Mr. McCain believes there is evil in the world and that it must be confronted. While Michelle Obama and many others seem to think our enemies will purr like kittens once we inaugurate a black man with an Islamic middle name, that is dangerous fantasy. When asked for an example of evil, Mr. McCain mentioned al Qaeda putting explosive vests on two mentally impaired girls and blowing them up by remote control in an Iraqi marketplace. Mr. Obama, whose turn of mind is different, cautioned that the problem is sometimes us: “a lot of evil has been perpetrated based on the claim that we were trying to confront evil.”

(6) Mr. McCain may not be a Ph.D. economist, but he understands that raising taxes and adopting protectionist trade policies will deepen and prolong this recession. Nor would he permit Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to push through the “card check” law – a union-backed measure that would reverse 73 years of labor law in this country by scuttling the secret ballot in union elections. Even George McGovern has denounced this job-killing, freedom-smothering law supported by Mr. Obama. Greater unionization will translate into lost productivity, inflationary pressure, and fewer jobs.

(5) John McCain will try to protect the unborn. Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion candidate ever to win a presidential nomination. Mr. Obama has promised to back the Freedom of Choice Act as his first presidential act, which would invalidate all restrictions on abortion at any stage of gestation – and even in cases where babies are born alive after an attempted abortion.

(4) Mr. McCain will employ diplomacy, not worship it. Mr. Obama is deluded about the power of “talks.” In 2007, he proposed, regarding Iran’s nuclear program: “if we are meeting with them, talking to them, and offering them both carrots and sticks, they are more likely to change their behavior.”

(3) John McCain has said his models for good judicial picks are John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Mr. Obama will pick Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich (just kidding, but his choices won’t be far off).

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