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China bans film censored for sex scenes

January 4, 2008
By MIN LEE, AP Entertainment Writer

HONG KONG – China has pulled a movie already censored for its sexually explicit scenes from theaters and banned its producer for two years, a move the filmmaker said Friday was motivated by the spread of uncut, pirated copies of the film.

The ruling against “Lost in Beijing,” accuses filmmakers of publishing unapproved pornographic scenes from the movie on the Internet and on DVDs, according to a copy of the order and published on the Web site of the official China News Service. The agency said the order was dated Thursday.

It also alleges the movie — a powerful indictment of deteriorating morals amid China’s rapid economic growth — was promoted with “unhealthy, improper” advertisements. Producer Fang Li said was an apparent reference to the wording, “indulgent body, lost soul” used on movie posters.

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