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Somali pirates say open to negotiations on ransom

October 9, 2008
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The Somali pirates holding a Ukrainian ship laden with weapons are open to ransom negotiations but will cause the world problems if foreign powers use force against them, a spokesman for the bandits said Thursday.

The commanding officer of a US warship monitors the pirated ... 
The commanding officer of a US Navy warship monitors the pirated vessel off the coast of Somalia on September 30. Pirates holding a Ukrainian ship — carrying tanks and military hardware with 21-member crew — off the coast of Somalia said that a deal could soon be reached for the vessel’s release.(AFP/US Navy/File/Jason R. Zalasky)

Separately, officials said other pirates in Somalia have released 15 Filipino seamen and four other crewmen seized when a Japanese-operated chemical tanker was hijacked nearly two months ago. But pirates still hold 67 Filipino sailors on four different ships.

And NATO defense ministers meeting in Hungary have agreed to send ships to the area soon, a diplomat said.

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Animal Cruelty: Cockfighting raid may be biggest in U.S. history

October 20, 2007

Previous largest operation was six years ago at same San Diego site

SAN DIEGO (MSNBC) – State and federal authorities described a weekend cockfighting raid as the biggest in U.S. history after agents found more than 4,400 birds being raised and trained to kill at the same compound where they carried out what was then the largest bust six years ago.

Hundreds more birds were found at a second training ground nearby in Nestor, near the Otay Mesa industrial area of San Diego, officials told NBC affiliate KNSD-TV. They said more than 5,000 birds were discovered at the two locations altogether .

The raid culminated a six-month investigation involving nine local, state and federal agencies in cooperation with the Humane Society of the United States and the San Diego Humane Society.

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