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China pours money into drug, food safety

August 8, 2007

BEIJING – China’s food and drug regulator said Wednesday it would meet regularly with its U.S. counterpart to crack down on counterfeit pharmaceuticals and boost product safety.

China is also building new safety testing labs, and upgrading food safety inspection offices at 16 ports and basic infrastructure in central and western China as part of a multiyear, $1.1 billion project, said Yan Jiangying, spokeswoman for the State Food and Drug Administration,

The announcement was one of a series made in recent weeks aimed at allaying global fears that China is not doing enough ….

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China seizes dozens of fake types of drugs

July 27, 2007

BEIJING (AFP) – China announced Friday the arrests of 15 gang members for making dozens of fake drugs, including rabies vaccines and blood protein, in the latest example of graft plaguing the nation’s health sector.

The gang was caught producing 67 types of fake drugs, packing some of them with starch, and then selling them to medical institutions, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Among the drugs seized during the raids on the gang were 10,000 doses of fake….

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Despite outcry, many Americans can’t live without China goods

July 22, 2007

by Rob Lever

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Even as protests grow about US imports from China, many Americans may find it hard to manage without the range of products that dominate or in some cases monopolize the marketplace.

Safety concerns over Chinese-made goods prompted further comments in Congress over the past week and led President George W. Bush to establish a new panel to review the safety of imported goods.

Yet economists and consumers say that Chinese-made products have become so ubiquitous ….

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(Details China’s product safety and other scandals this year)