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F-15 grounding strains U.S. air defenses

December 27, 2007
By SCOTT LINDLAW, Associated Press Writer
December 27, 2007 

FRESNO, Calif. – The grounding of hundreds of F-15s because of dangerous structural defects is straining the nation’s air defense network, forcing some states to rely on their neighbors’ fighter jets for protection, and Alaska to depend on the Canadian military.

The F-15 is the sole fighter at many of the 16 or so “alert” sites around the country, where planes and pilots stand ready to take off at a moment’s notice to intercept hijacked airliners, Cessnas that wander into protected airspace, and other threats.

The Air Force grounded about 450 F-15s after one of the fighters began to break apart in the air and crashed Nov. 2 in Missouri. An Air Force investigation found “possible fleet-wide airworthiness problems” because of defects in the ….

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Flaw may permanently ground 160 jets, Air Force general says