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Superpower divide over Kosovo widens

February 19, 2008
By ROBERT WIELAARD, Associated Press Writer

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The U.S. and the European Union‘s biggest powers quickly recognized Kosovo as an independent nation Monday, widening a split with Russia, China and some EU members strongly opposed to letting the territory break away from Serbia.

A Kosovar makes a V-sign in front of an Albanian and a US flag ...
A Kosovar makes a V-sign in front of an Albanian and a US flag during celebrations for the independence of Kosovo in Mitrovica. The United States and Europe’s big powers — Britain, France, Italy and Germany — all said they would recognise Kosovo’s declaration of independence, despite staunch opposition from some other EU members.(AFP/Armend Nimani)

The rift was on view for a second day at the U.N. Security Council, which was holding an emergency session to discuss the declaration of independence issued Sunday by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority.

Ethnic Serbs rallying in northern Kosovo angrily denounced the United States and urged Russia to help Serbia hold on to the territory that Serbs consider the birthplace of their civilization. Protesters also marched in Serbia’s capital, and that nation recalled its ambassador to the U.S. to protest American recognition for an independent Kosovo.

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