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Spy Satellite’s Downing Shows a New U.S. Weapon Capability

February 22, 2008

By Marc Kaufman and Josh White 
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, February 22, 2008; Page A03

The unprecedented downing of an errant spy satellite by a Navy missile makes it clear that the Pentagon has a new weapon in its arsenal — an anti-satellite missile adapted from the nation’s missile defense program.

This US Navy handout image shows the USS Lake Erie (CG 70) as ...
 This US Navy image shows the USS Lake Erie (CG 70) as it launches a Standard Missile-3 at a non-functioning National Reconnaissance Office satellite, as it travelled in space at more than 17,000 mph over the Pacific Ocean. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday that the successful shoot-down of a rogue US spy satellite demonstrated that America’s missile defense system works.(AFP/Us Navy-HO)

While the dramatic intercept took place well below the altitude where most satellites orbit, defense and space experts said Wednesday night’s first-shot success strongly suggests that the military has the technology and know-how to knock out satellites at much higher orbits.

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