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US manufacturing hits 26-year low

November 3, 2008

US manufacturing activity fell in October to its lowest level for 26 years, according to a new report from the Institute for Supply Management.

The report cited “significant demand destruction”, for the third consecutive month in which the sector contracted.


The figures were far worse than the market had expected and pushed the Dow Jones index briefly into negative territory in early morning trading.

However, US construction spending in September fell far less than expected.

The institute’s index of national factory activity fell to 38.9 from 43.5 in September. Any score of less than 50 represents a contraction in manufacturing.

Manufacturing recession

October’s score is the lowest-recorded since September 1982.

Every sector surveyed, apart from clothing and electronic products, reported a contraction for the month.

New orders, production, employment and supplier deliveries all fell, with only inventories of unsold goods increasing on September’s score.

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Getting Iraq To Work

October 14, 2007

By Jim Golby
The Washington Post
Sunday, October 14, 2007

Outside Tikrit, Iraq

I’m sick of hearing about all the horrible things that happen in Iraq without ever hearing about any of the good ones. That’s not because horrible things don’t occur here every day; they do. I’ve witnessed far more death and sadness than I wish anyone ever had to see. And it’s not because I believe in some left-wing media conspiracy. If I’m affiliated with a political party at all, I honestly can’t remember which one it is.

Rather, I’m sick of hearing about all the horrible things that happen in Iraq because I’ve been deployed here for more than 24 months since this war began, and I think I have a story to tell that’s heroic, maybe even noble. It’s not my story. In fact, I’m quite average, and I’m certainly not noble. But I’ve been blessed to serve with some amazing officers, noncommissioned officers and soldiers who have sacrificed another 15 months away from their families — and, for once, produced something that I don’t think looks all that bad, even in this desolate country.

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