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Poland may ask U.S. to deploy Patriot or THAAD missile defense in NMD talks

December 20, 2007


INTERFAX CENTRAL EUROPE – When Poland resumes talk with the  United  States  on deployment of U.S. National Missile Defense (NMD) elements  on  its  territory,  Warsaw  will  likely  ask  for  the placement  of  either  a  Patriot or Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)  missile  defense  system  in the country, Polish daily Dziennik
wrote Thursday.

“According  to  unofficial  information  the  government is applying for deployment  of either Patriot or THAAD  [Terminal  High Altitude Area Defense] missile defense systems in Poland,” the newspaper wrote.

Poland’s  chief  negotiator Witold Waszczykowski told the newspaper that additional  deployment  of  a Patriot or THAAD defense system would help neutralize  the  threat of becoming a target that harboring the U.S. NMD program implies.

“The [missile  defense]  base  causes  Russian geo-strategic allergies,” Waszczykowski  told the newspaper. “If we are to face a certain risk, it has to be   leveled   by  American  support  of  our  armed  forces  and specification on how America plans to assist Poland in case of danger.”

The Polish  government’s  stance is a result of declarations made by the Russian authorities, Dziennik wrote.

Russian  Foreign  Minister  Sergei  Lavrov said Wednesday that Russia is concerned  about  the  strategic  stability of the region after possible deployment  of  the  base in Poland and corresponding radar in the Czech Republic. Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen Yury Baluyevsky said in mid-November that the missile defense elements that the United States is planning to deploy in Europe will definitely target Russia.

Polish Foreign  Minister  Radoslaw Sikorski will visit Washington at thbeginning  of  2008, according to press reports, with the missile shield project likely high on his agenda.
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