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China’s Communist Rulers Reiterate The Rules

January 4, 2008

BEIJING – China‘s ruling Communist Party has warned officials against bribery, spreading hearsay and several other taboos, ahead of the reassignment this month of several provincial-level politicians to new posts, a government news agency said.

The no-nos were on a list of “10 taboos” released by the party’s central committee and discipline commission, Xinhua News Agency said late Thursday.

The taboos included lobbying officials of higher rank, handing out pamphlets or souvenirs without authorization, holding social activities to form cliques, and offering or taking bribes.

Also on the list were making phone calls, giving gifts, holding banquets or conducting visits to win support; covering up illicit activities; spreading hearsay against others; using intimidation or deception; and arranging jobs for others.

Many provincial-level officials….

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