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NFL: Pain Game

February 3, 2008

By Michael Leahy
The Washington Post
(Sunday Magazine)
February 3, 2008

Long after winning his Super Bowl ring, Dave Pear says his life is now a ‘torture chamber’ of pain. Can he and other injured retirees force the NFL to rethinkits financial responsibilities to the generations that helped build the league?

He is shuffling around his house in a heavy winter coat, the collar pulled snug to ward off the terrible chill he feels. Three decades ago, he played professional football for six seasons, made it to an all-star game, won a Super Bowl ring. Nowadays, his ravaged body is betraying him. “I’m so cold,” he mutters, and shivers. “You cold?”
National Football League
No, I say.

“I’m freezing,” he says.

It’s football season, the time of year hardest on Pear’s body and spirit. All the football talk on TV — and in the Seattle suburb where he lives — just serves as a bitter reminder to Pear of what has happened to his life and what he thinks the National Football League owes him.

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