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Is Vietnam Asia’s next superstar?

January 2, 2008

EE Times Asia
January 1, 2008 

China is hot, and so is India. And Vietnam? Sizzling.

Intel Corp. is partly responsible for Vietnam’s meteoric rise in investors’ hot list. Ever since the chipmaker announced two years back that it would allocate $300 million (which later increased to $1 billion) for the establishment of an assembly and test facility in the country, Vietnam has been making the headlines all throughout 2007.

There is the $5 billion plan of the Foxconn Technology Group, the Panasonic research activities, the Toshiba software development center, Olympus’ digital camera plant move, STMicroelectronics’ R&D facility, and Samsung’s handset and printer production talks among others.

“It’s really a combination of internal and external factors,” remarked Huy Do, chairman and president of Vietnamese Strategic Ventures Network, a group of entrepreneurs, executives, inventors and other professionals supporting the global Vietnamese technology and business community.

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