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During War: Beware of Outsourcing in the Dark

July 26, 2007

 By Herald Meyerson
The Washington Post
Thursday, July 26, 2007; Page A21

One day, an employee opened an envelope filled with an unidentified white powder, which poured out over her. Two Wackenhut officers rushed to the scene, which they failed to isolate. Appalled, Smith asked if she should notify the Federal Protective Service and was told she shouldn’t. She asked if any of the officers had training in hazardous materials and was told they didn’t. She recommended they isolate the envelope and the employee and evacuate the building.Instead, Wackenhut officers took the envelope outside and told the employee to go wash off the powder, which she did, passing directly in front of Chertoff’s office on her way to the ladies’ room. Finally, after half an hour, they called the Federal Protective Service, which evacuated the building.

The following year Wackenhut’s contract at DHS headquarters was terminated…

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