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Freed top Pakistani judge wants job back

March 31, 2008
By MATTHEW PENNINGTON, Associated Press Writer

QUETTA, Pakistan – Pakistan‘s deposed chief justice arrived in his hometown Monday to a hero’s welcome as he launched a drive to win back his old job and deal another blow to embattled President Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistan’s new government freed Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry and other senior judges last week, more than four months after they were dismissed and put under house arrest by the U.S.-backed president.

Hundreds of flag-waving political activists and black-suited lawyers gathered at Quetta‘s airport to greet Chaudhry as he began the first in a series of trips across the country to build support for the judges’ reinstatement.

“I hope this is an important moment for the revival and independence of the judiciary,” said Nasir Yousafzai, a high court lawyer. “We are on the verge of victory.”

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Deposed Thai prime minister plans return

December 25, 2007
By RUNGRAWEE C. PINYORAT, Associated Press Writer 3 minutes ago

BANGKOK, Thailand – Deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Tuesday he was planning to return home from exile and might advise the victorious party in last weekend’s elections, sparking fears of another year of intense political conflict in Thailand.

Speaking in Hong Kong, Thaksin said he will “explore options” for a comeback between mid-February and April, but will not resume his political career after being ousted in a bloodless coup d’etat last year.

“I really want to go back as a normal citizen. Enough is enough for politics,” said Thaksin, who is legally barred from holding office, at a press conference.

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