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Montagnard Man In Vietnam Tortured After Talk With U.N.

August 9, 2007

The following comes from:
Scott Johnson, Advisor,
Montagnard Foundation

Please be assured that the Degar Montagnard man named Y Phuoc Buon Krong was indeed beaten and tortured for two days by communist Vietnamese authorities after speaking to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) officials this July 2007.

This information is highly reliable. (see press release


The Montagnard Foundation has further re-confirmed from various sources that Vietnamese security forces had gone into the village of Buon Cuor Knia prior to the UNHCR officials arriving there and threatened the villagers beforehand that if they say anything negative to foreigners when they arrive in the village that they will be arrested, tortured and imprisoned. The entire village was deeply frightened when the UNHCR officials arrived in company of security forces and further the security forces later prevented UNHCR from meetings the villagers. We re-confirm the entire meeting was a scheduled attempted “set up” by Vietnamese security forces to hoodwink the UNHCR.

Please also see website of testimony of Degar Montagnard torture victims .

In this testimony you can hear how torture is conducted in Vietnam and how beatings and forced deportations of over 100 Montagnards have occurred.