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Pirates Near Somalia Chased, Killed As Naval Forces Get Tough

November 13, 2008

British Royal Navy commandos gave chase to suspected pirates off the coast of Yemen, killing two of them in an ensuing gunfight.

The HMS Cumberland was on a routine patrol in the Gulf of Aden on Nov. 11 when it spotted a Yemeni registered fishing boat, or dhow, positively identified in a hijacking attempt on a Danish cargo ship, the MV Powerful, earlier in the day, the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement late yesterday.

Two suspected Somali pirates were killed in an exchange of fire ...
Two suspected Somali pirates were killed in an exchange of fire with the British navy’s HMS Cumberland, the defence ministry said on Wednesday.(AFP/File/Po Luigi Cotrufo)

After “non forcible methods” to stop the dhow failed, the Royal Navy launched small assault craft to encircle the vessel, the MoD said. The pirates opened fire and the Navy fired back in self defense, according to the statement.

Two foreign nationals, believed to be Somali, were shot and killed, the MoD said. A Yemeni was found injured and died later. He received emergency treatment from Cumberland’s doctor, the MoD said, though it wasn’t clear whether his injuries were due to the firefight or to a previous incident, it added.

Indian warship 'INS Tabar' successfully defended a merchant ... 
Indian warship ‘INS Tabar’ successfully defended a merchant vessel from being hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. The frigate escorted the Jag Arnav to safety.(AFP/INDIAN NAVY/File/Ho)

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