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Vietnam Opposed to “Cultural Domination” in the Name of Human Rights

September 3, 2007

September 4, 2007 

TEHRAN, IRAN—Vietnam’s Deputy Foreign Minister Le Van Bang said here Monday that Vietnam opposes cultural domination in the name of human rights.

“It is Vietnam’s policy to oppose cultural imposition and domination in the name of human rights. Vietnam was the vanguard in the Movement’s struggle against colonialism and imperialism to regain our national independence and fundamental rights – the rights to live in peace, independence and dignity,” said Le Van Bang.

He made the remarks in an address to the Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Conference on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (September 3-4,2007) which opened in Tehran Monday morning.

He said Vietnam attaches high value to the long tradition of mutual support in various international human rights for NAM member countries.

“We strongly believe that this tradition should be enhanced, especially at this complex international juncture. We therefore appeal to all members to stand united in support for our human rights cause.” He said despite great challenges ahead, Vietnam strongly believes that with solid unity and close coordination and cooperation success can be achieved.

He added that cultural diversity will not be a barrier but an ample source of innovations, helping human beings advance towards a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world.

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