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Has Heather Mills really lost the plot?

November 4, 2007

By Andrew Pierce
The Telegraph (UK)
Sunday, November 4, 2007

What did she think she was doing? Those wild staring eyes. The big mouth contorted in a twisted rage. Heather Mills looked even more fraught than Henri Paul behind the wheel of the car as he drove Princess Diana to her untimely death.

To think the GMTV interview was supposed to make us feel sorry for her.

To be honest, I feel more sorry for the person who sat opposite her. The delusions. The tenuous grasp on truth and reality.

The wretched woman even compared her persecuted plight to Kate McCann’s.

It takes your breath away. Kate McCann is consumed by the guilt, rightly or wrongly, that her daughter was almost certainly snatched by a murderous paedophile while she was quaffing wine in a restaurant with her husband and friends.

Mills, in comparison, is about to become impossibly rich after four years of marriage to a venerated icon which produced a loving and lovely daughter.

No amount of money from a music legend would ever end Kate McCann’s torment.

But let’s hope it softens the blow, for Mills, of being so well and truly rumbled as a vengeful fantasist who most people think exploited a lonely man immersed in grief.

Did she marry for love? For the riches the union would bring? Or because she thought it would bring her what she craved most all: popularity.

In the end, Mills never understood that she could never be as popular as her husband who, clichéd as it may be, is a national treasure (along with Ringo Starr, whose wife has never courted publicity the way Mills has).

OK, I don’t like her and admit my prejudice is based on what I have read.

I’m thinking of her time as a party girl spent entertaining rich Arab clients in the 1980s. Channel 4 is still waiting for her writ.

Then there is the father she accused of verbally and physically abusing her; he says she has rewritten family history.

There is also the claim that she stole to feed and clothe her younger siblings – another fact disputed by her family.

There is no one around to verify her stories of living in Cardboard City under London’s Waterloo Bridge. Nor was her mother’s leg amputated, as she claimed. It was Mills who lost a limb. Do you think she lost the plot, too?

Mills claimed that Paul McCartney had used PR men to blacken her name.

I have no idea if she is right. But was it really McCartney’s people who faxed to the Press Association her private divorce papers, which alleged that he pushed her around when he was high on cannabis and alcohol? The sections in the papers which questioned her own dubious past were conveniently inked out.

Now she is trying to ruin the memory of his marriage to Linda by threatening to broadcast a private tape from a marital counselling session in which he allegedly confessed to hitting the mother of his children.

Mills wants an actress to play her in a Hollywood film about her life. But no one could do her justice. Not since Linda Blair in The Exorcist have I seen a performance by a woman spewing out so much poisonous bile.

Ponder the thought: if Gordon Brown had not bottled it, we would have gone to the polls on Thursday, and on Friday we might have woken up to a shiny new government led by David Cameron.

I wonder if his first act would have been to honour the Tory pledge to remove the incompetent Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair. I hope so.

I have absolutely no problem with Lewis Hamilton abandoning Britain for Switzerland at the age of 21.

My problem lies with his professed reason for going. He says he can’t even go to the lavatory in a service station without people asking him for autographs.

They don’t do that in Switzerland, apparently.

They don’t tax you at the same rate either, which is, I’m sure, the main reason for his departure. But who can blame him given the penal tax rates under this Government?

Rich, Good Looking Doesn’t Make You Happy: So Crying on TV Gets Attention?


Rich, Good Looking Doesn’t Make You Happy: So Crying on TV Gets Attention?

October 31, 2007

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
November 1, 2007

Heather Mills, who as far as we can tell is wealthy, healthy, good looking and lucky, is divorcing former Beatle great and near-richest guy in the world, Paul McCartney.

Today she cried on TV. But at least she had better reasons than Ellen Degeneres who cried because of a repossessed dog.

“Do you fear for your life?” Mills McCartney was asked in a British Broadcasting Corp. television interview.

“Yes I do, yes I do,” she said.

“And you are saying that Paul McCartney does not protect you and your child?”

“I’m afraid not,” Mills McCartney said.

She also appeared earlier in the day on an ITV television morning show, saying she had taken precautions because of death threats.

“I have a box of evidence that’s going to a certain person, should anything happen to me, so if you top me off it’s still going to that person, and the truth will come out,” she said.

“There is so much fear from a certain party of the truth coming out that lots of things have been put out and done, so the police came ’round and said, `You have had serious death threats from an underground movement.'”

On the BBC, she was asked if the tabloid newspapers were at fault.

“It’s the tabloids and a certain party, but it is so extreme and so abusive … I mean, I’ve been called monster, whore, gold digger, fantasist, liar.”

“When you say certain party, do you mean someone from Paul McCartney’s camp?” BBC reporter Maxine Mawhinney asked.

“I’m not allowed to talk about Paul and the court case and all that kind of stuff, because we are in court,” Mills McCartney said.

“But it is, by clear implication, that’s what you’re saying,” BBC reporter Jon Sopel said.

“I can’t say, because I’d be in contempt of court. But you’re not stupid, that’s all I can say.”
Paul McCartney, 65, declined to respond. “There’s no comment from our side,” said his spokesman, Stuart Bell.

Ellen Degeneres cried during her TV show last week bemoaning the fact that her adopted doggie was repossessed in a dispute with the adoption agency. But Ellen recovered quickly by most accounts.

Ellen’s executive producer Andy Lassner hid in a hollowed out pumpkin for over 35 minutes so that he could surprise Ellen during her show today, Halloween. He is still pulling pumpkin seeds out of his ears, we hear.

And Ellen doesn’t look any worse for wear after the dog-crying jag.

These are people with nothing important going on…..