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US cites China, Russia for failing to protect intellectual property

April 25, 2008

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States on Friday named China and Russia as among the worst offenders for failing to protect US intellectual property rights and allowing counterfeit goods to flourish.
In an annual report on intellectual property rights protection, the US Trade Representative’s office voiced continuing concern about China and Russia’s respect of US patents and copyrights.

The Special 301 Report, named after the section of US law on which it is based, spotlights “one of the central challenges facing the global economy,” USTR Susan Schwab said.

The report said US authorities still see “serious” concerns with respect to China and Russia, in spite of some evidence of improvement in both countries.

“Pirates and counterfeiters don’t just steal ideas; they steal jobs, and too often they threaten our health and safety,” Schwab said.

Schwab’s office announced it would once again retain China on its priority watch list and continue monitoring China under Section 306 of the 1974 Trade Act in a bid to maintain pressure on China to improve its intellectual property rights (IPR) situation.

“While the United States continues to seek cooperative channels to work with China to strengthen that country’s IPR regime, high levels of copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting remain serious concerns,” the USTR said.

Meanwhile, the federal government is also using the World Trade Organization’s dispute settlement process “to address a number of specific deficiencies in China’s IPR regime,” the statement said.

The USTR said the Bush administration continues to work for improvements to Russia’s IPR regime, and some progress has been made, for example in the raiding of unlicensed factories.

It noted, however, that large-scale production and distribution of IP-infringing optical media and Internet piracy in Russia “remain significant problems that require more enforcement action.”

The Special 301 Report covers 46 countries.

China vows to crack down on Internet piracy

January 27, 2008

CANNES, France (Reuters) – China vowed on Sunday to improve the “grave situation” of music piracy in the country, as it hosted the annual music industry event here to learn and exchange ideas with companies from around the world.

China has been strongly criticized for its record on Internet piracy in recent years, and a report out this month by the international music trade body, the IFPI, said piracy was responsible for 99 percent of the Chinese market.

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China anti-piracy battle “will take generations”

October 18, 2007

By Ben Blanchard

BEIJING (Reuters) – China‘s battle against intellectual property rights piracy will take “generations,” a senior official said on Thursday, but added the main victims were Chinese and other countries should stop politicizing the issue.

Chinese IPR chief Tian Lipu said the government did not fear the United State’s decision to take China to the World Trade Organization over complaints of widespread counterfeiting.

“Have you ever heard of another country whose whole leadership, including the president, study together intellectual property rights?” Tian asked reporters on the sidelines of a Communist Party Congress.

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WTO takes up US complaint against China patent regime

September 25, 2007

by Aude Marcovitch

GENEVA (AFP) – The WTO agreed on Tuesday to formally examine a US complaint about shortcomings in China‘s intellectual property protection, as friction over trade builds between the world’s economic superpower and its emerging rival.

The World Trade Organisation‘s dispute settlement body set up a panel to rule on the dispute in a meeting here, following a complaint Washington first lodged in April, officials said.

The clash over intellectual property becomes the fourth case ….

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