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China-bound copper thefts stop Australian trains

March 13, 2008
By Rob Taylor

CANBERRA (Reuters) – With stopped trains, stolen phone lines and pilfered power cables, Australians are paying a hefty price for China‘s pre-Olympic building boom, police said on Thursday.

Beijing National Stadium
Bird’s Nest

Organised gangs are being blamed by authorities for stealing copper cabling worth millions of dollars, selling it to China to help construction of buildings including Beijing‘s “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium, site of Olympic ceremonies and track events.

“The theft of this stuff has caused the train system to shut down for between five and seven hours. They are not just taking small lengths. They are taking up to 500 metres at a time,” Victoria Police detective sergeant Barry Hills told Reuters.

In recent weeks police in Australia‘s second most populous state have seized more than 15 tonnes of stolen copper cabling stashed in shipping containers and warehouses.

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