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Tainted China water sickens 450

October 11, 2008


About 450 people have fallen ill in southern China after drinking contaminated water, the Xinhua state news agency says.

Four of the sick, in two villages in Guangxi province, have arsenic poisoning. Industrial waste from a metal company has been blamed.

Residents began to show symptoms of facial swelling, vomiting and blurred vision on 3 October.

Last month, tainted milk left more than 50,000 children sick.

Plant closed

Ge Xianmin, head of the Guangxi regional occupational disease prevention and control institute, told Xinhua: “The villagers were slightly poisoned. They can be cured in nine to 15 days with timely treatment.”

Health officials said 23 children under the age of seven and 32 people aged over 60 had been kept in hospital for observation, while others were receiving outpatient treatment.

According to local government officials, torrential rain caused waste water containing arsenic from the Jinhai Metallurgy Chemical company to overflow and pollute nearby ponds and wells.

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China Defends Olympics Food Safety

February 22, 2008

 By Maureen Fan

Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, February 22, 2008; Page A17

BEIJING, Feb. 21 — Stung by accusations that Beijing‘s food and water are contaminated, China on Thursday defended its standards and expressed disappointment that U.S. athletes will ship their own meat to China for the Olympic Games.

“I feel it’s a pity that they have decided to bring their own food,” said Kang Yi, chief of the catering division for the Beijing Olympics organizing committee, adding that the organizers had made plans for the athletes to dine together. “If the American delegation is not at that gathering, it’s a pity.”

A report in the New York Times this month said the U.S. Olympic Committee, in part worried about steroids in chicken, had made arrangements with sponsors to ship 25,000 pounds of lean protein to China two months before the opening ceremony. The 600-member U.S. delegation will eat at its own training center and avoid food at the athletes’ village, which will house and feed 17,000 people during the Games, the paper said.

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China pushes back at critics on recalls

August 24, 2007

By David Lague 
International Herald Tribune 
August 23, 2007

BEIJING: China is intensifying a campaign to shore up its reputation as a trading powerhouse following a spate of embarrassing product recalls and contamination scandals.

As feverish preparations continue to host the Olympic Games next year, the ruling Communist party is taking the offensive to defend its export performance.

China is still sending a clear message that it intends to crack down on tainted or defective goods.

But it is also accusing the United States of protectionism, faulting multinationals for negligence, accusing the foreign media of sensationalism and finding flaws with U.S. imports.

This sharp rhetoric also features in an internal public relations campaign. State controlled media on Sunday began broadcasting a week-long television series, “Believe in Made in China.”

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