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Obama Can Offer An Opinion on Some Topics “When Hell Freezes Over”

November 20, 2008

During two years of campaigning for the White House, Barack Obama stood before cheering and adoring crowds and pontificated about … almost everything.

Now the cheering stops.

Case in point: Prsident-elect Obama chose to answer a question about college’s football’s Bowl Championship Series (BCS) on “60 Minutes.”  The feedback was chilling.

“The President-elect can fool around with our business when hell freezes over,” a college football bowl organizer told us.

Chris Dufresne  of the los Angeles Times wrote, “The troubling part about the ’60 Minutes’ interview was how much Obama knew about world matters and how little he knew about college politics.  Obama sounded like the guy at the corner bar who talked a good game but didn’t have all his facts.  Where were his advisors?”

Commissioner in Chief? 
Barack Obama, interviewed on “60 Minutes” again called for an eight-team playoff in major college football, a proposal that can’t happen until after the 2014 season. Photo from CBS

Obama told “60 Minutes” last Sunday night he was going to “throw my weight around a little bit” in trying to force the playoff issue.

“That skinny F*** has no weight, absolutely zero, in the BCS matter,” said a Bowl organizer.


Well, the President of the United States may be the most powerful man in the world but on certain issues he has to just pass on the question.

On Mr. Obama’s “pardon” of Senator Joe Lieberman, the Independent who supported Obama rival John McCain for the White House, left leaning bloggers are up in arms.

“Apparently, the American people didn’t vote for change,” complained Markos Moulitsas, founder of, in an entry posted on his site that was laced with anger and sarcasm.

Ah, the thrill of victory and the agony of the critics!

College Football Heavies Dont’s See Obama Has Any Place In Their Game
Obama’s Lieberman support angers bloggers

College Football Heavies Dont’s See Obama Has Any Place In Their Game

November 20, 2008

There’s little chance that the president-elect can bring about a playoff in major college football.

By Chris Dufresne
The Los Angeles Times

Take out a quill — the kind Thomas Jefferson used to pen the Declaration of Independence — and declare this:

President-elect Barack Obama will solve the Middle East crisis before he solves the Bowl Championship Series.

He’ll get the polar ice caps to stop melting before he gets “sensible” people to come to a college football consensus.

It was exciting, with all the woes in the world, that Obama would take time on “60 Minutes” to campaign for an eight-team playoff.

Any President who knows there is an SEC other than the Securities and Exchange Commission is all right in my book.

We can even see bashing the unpopular BCS to win electoral votes. Obama first made his playoff plea to ESPN’s Chris Berman on the eve of the election.

The next day he scored a shocking upset in Indiana, which may end up with a 12-0 Ball State team getting shut out of the national title picture.

That’s political genius.

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Messiah Obama Speaks On College Football, Some Worshipers Unhappy

November 18, 2008

Naturally, a man newly elected by the American people to become the President of the United States can sometimes delve into areas where he is neither welcomed nor really expected or respected for his involvement.  When President-elect Barack Obama made some remarks about college football’s Bowl Championship Series (BCS), he was not enirely welcomed to the debate with open arms….

BCS power brokers responding to Barack Obama’s comments about a college football playoff largely criticized the president-elect on Monday.

By Dennis Dodd
CBS Sports
Obama said on CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday night that he would “throw his weight around” in pursuing an eight-team playoff. Among the six power conferences, the commissioners of the ACC, Big 12 and SEC responded when contacted by The Pac-10’s Tom Hansen and Big East’s Mike Tranghese declined comment.

“I am extremely delighted that he is our president and excited that he is going to lead our nation,” Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe said. “I am disappointed that there isn’t more full discussion before he comes to a conclusion on this. I would hope only that the leader of our country would take under full consideration all the aspects.

“The simple solution is easy to state. We’re not in charge of a professional league where we have the entertainment value to consider. That should be fully considered. This isn’t something you should make a rash decision about.”

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany told the New York Times over the weekend: “I think it’s that time of year. Whether it’s the president-elect or college football coaches or fans debating it, the First Amendment is alive and well.”

“Certainly it’s an important issue for college football and colleges. Where does it stand in the list of challenges we have in America today? I would say it’s not very high.”

Obama’s comments have added weight not only because he is about to become leader of the free world. His vice president has been a strident BCS critic. Around the time the Senate Judiciary Committee convened hearings on the BCS in 2003 Joe Biden called the BCS system “rigged” and “un-American”.

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