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Thailand to burn thousands of melamine-tainted products

November 9, 2008

Thailand’s health ministry plans to burn tens of thousands of food products tainted with the toxic chemical melamine, the English-language Nation newspaper reported Sunday.

More than 13,000 boxes of powdered milk and 19,824 unspecified snacks containing high levels of melamine would be torched on Monday in Ayutthaya province, it said, quoting the Food and Drug Administration secretary-general.

Melamine, an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of plastics, has been blamed for killing four babies in China and leaving more than 53,000 others sick after making its way into the food chain.

Thai authorities have so far pulled biscuits, cheese crackers, chocolate and condensed milk from Malaysia and China off the shelves after detecting high levels of the chemical.


Graphic fact file on the melamine poisoning scandal in China. ...

China: Top Candy Brand Has To Go As Poisoned Milk Scandal Widens

September 26, 2008

by Marianne Barriaux

BEIJING (AFP) – China‘s toxic milk scandal escalated Friday as one of the nation’s famous candy brands was pulled off shelves and four more people outside the mainland were thought to have fallen ill.

The industrial chemical melamine has also been found in Heinz baby cereal and in potato crackers in the southern Chinese territory of Hong Kong and officials ordered a recall of the products.

In China, the maker of White Rabbit candy, given to US president Richard Nixon on a landmark 1972 trip, said it was halting domestic sales after its products were found to contain melamine, normally used to make plastic.

A hospital in Taiwan said three young children who frequently visited China had developed kidney stones after drinking tainted Chinese milk formula.

The mother of one of the children had also developed kidney stones, the National Yang-Ming University Hospital said.

The only other five cases of children falling ill from drinking tainted milk outside the mainland have so far been reported in Hong Kong, where authorities said they had ordered a recall of two more tainted products.

Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety said it had ordered retailers to pull Heinz DHA+AA Vegetable Formula Cereal and Silang House of Steamed Potato Wasabi Cracker from their shelves.

It threatened the producers of tainted food with prosecution if there was “sufficient evidence.”

The news is the latest twist in an embarrassing scandal that has left 53,000 children in China sick, killing four, after they drank contaminated milk.

The number of countries banning or restricting imports of Chinese milk products….

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