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Imported Seafood, Chinese Products and the Twilight Zone

July 22, 2007

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
July 23, 2007

Imported Seafood

After hearing all the stories of tainted seafood from China, much of which has now been banned from U.S. import by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, my mother-in-law heard from her daughter (my wife) that I had done extensive research into catfish imported into the U.S. from Vietnam.

We found that the Vietnamese farm (pond) grown catfish were fed human feces most of their lives. The “bottom feeders” seemed to love the stuff and thrive on it.

Just a few months before “harvesting,” the Vietnamese catfish get treated to the cleanest water Vietnam can provide and a high protein diet that would make a professional boxer smile. This “washes” the Viet catfish just before they are sold for export.

Everybody seemed happy until the FDA (and some in the American public) decided the practice of feeding human feces to catfish was disgusting. Maybe even dangerous.

Vietnam says the problem has now been corrected and that catfish sales are, well, off the bottom.

Yet my mother-in-law decided she would no longer buy any frozen imported seafood from “Communist Asian nations” (China and Vietnam). Then she decided unilaterally to include Thai seafood in the deal. Why?  Every Vietnamese seems to know that when an export product is questionable, Thailand will be more than happy to label the product as Thai for a small cut in the action.  Plus Thailand had a coup last year and they are no longer a democratically governed nation. So Mom figures they are one step closer to communism.

We’ve moved from chemistry to politics in one giant leap of the, well, catfish.

So, mother-in-law now only eats fresh seafood from the U.S.A.

There are two twists to this. My wife’s mother is Vietnamese herself. And guess who gets to drive mother to the Washington D.C. waterfront for U.S.A. seafood? Me.

Fortunately, we found some wonderful Vietnamese-American seamen to assist us with American crab, flounder and other goodies!

Mother is on the All American Seafood Diet from now on: for chemical and political reasons, apparently!

Chinese Products

For several years we’ve watched the rising tide of imported Chinese consumer products into the United States. One of the real bell ringers for me has been a friend who says, every time we meet: “Why don’t we just all buy American.”

If you’ve been to any Sears, WalMart or Target lately you already know the answer: everything is made cheaper in China so U.S. businesses, to a great extent, no longer make toasters and the other things you need at home.

This morning, at church, we found offered for sale, some small holy statues meant for car dashboard mounting. Some think this kind of thing can protect you in case of an accident. Every dashboard mounted holy statue I have ever seen is looking INTO the car. I decided, for the first time in my life, to give this car holy statue magic a try. But because Washington D.C. traffic is getting more and more dangerous, I decided I’d mount my holy person looking OUT though the windshield. I figure she’ll scream or something if any real danger is about to surprise me.

In determining how to mount my holy person on the dashboard, I turned the tiny statue upside down seeking instructions. A small label on the bottom reads, “Made in China.”

Unexplained Apparition

There was a TV program named “The Twilight Zone” when I was a kid. In it, Rod Serling explored the unexplainable week after week.

Last week, when I got to the bottom of three or four deck underground garage, I had to stop for a blind lady with a white cane smack in the driving lane, walking somewhere. I could see no other cars anywhere and have no idea what a blind lady was doing at the bottom of the underground garage.

My wife said: “She has a holy statue WAY better than yours.”

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