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Leeway seen in China Internet rules

January 10, 2008
By Min Lee, AP  Writer

HONG KONG – China is so keen to keep foreign investment flowing that it probably will let private Web sites work around strict new rules limiting video-sharing to state-controlled companies, analysts say.

China-based Web sites already need a government license that only companies majority-owned by Chinese nationals can get, and managers of private sites based in China say they already excise “inappropriate” content.

But the new regulations — issued Dec. 29 and scheduled to take effect Jan. 31 — also require that the state have a controlling interest in any video entertainment Web site.

“It’s a very clear message these Chinese film governing authorities have decided to send — that they’re taking this stuff seriously and they’re going to regulate it,” said Jeremy Goldkorn, editor-in-chief of, a Web site that covers Chinese media issues.

But Goldkorn said Beijing won’t shutter private video sharing Web sites because that might spook foreign investors to desert the world’s second-largest Internet community.

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