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China reassures Taiwan consumers on milk safety

October 15, 2008

By GILLIAN WONG, Associated Press Writer

BEIJING – China sought to reassure Taiwanese consumers that its dairy products were safe Wednesday, a day after authorities confirmed that a baby in Hong Kong developed kidney stones from consuming milk and cookies laced with melamine.

A Chinese customer chooses dairy products in a supermarket in ...
Chinese customer chooses dairy products in a supermarket in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu province, Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008. China is ordering all liquid and powdered milk manufactured before Sept. 14 to be taken off the shelves for melamine testing, the first time it has issued a blanket recall of products since the tainted dairy scandal broke last month.(AP Photo/Color China Photo)

Spokesman Yang Yi of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said at a news conference in Beijing that mainland authorities were very concerned about the scandal, in which contaminated infant formula killed four babies and sickened tens of thousands of children nationwide.

“We have taken a serious approach,” Yang said. “China has launched a thorough investigation into this issue to help restore the trust of Taiwanese consumers.”

After China’s melamine tainting scandal broke last month, Taiwanese authorities launched a sweeping inspection of milk powders and related food items. More than 160 products containing Chinese milk and vegetable-based proteins have been removed from stores.

Taiwanese and Chinese food safety authorities have agreed to set up a hot line to inform each other of food safety emergencies.

The Chinese milk scare and related economic losses have led to renewed Taiwanese animosity toward rival China. The two sides split amid civil war in 1949, and Beijing still claims the island as a part of its territory.

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