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Thailand’s child trafficking industry

July 8, 2007

By Thembi Mutch BBC News, Thailand July 7, 2007

A report from the US state department has criticised Thailand for not doing enough to combat the illegal trafficking of women and children from Burma, Cambodia, Laos and China. Thembi
Mutch meets women and children who have been caught up in Thailand’s trafficking business.”I came with my aunt from the countryside to work in the seaside resort of Pattaya,” Keng says. She pauses.

“I worked as a waiter in a bar near here. At first I didn’t realise it was even possible for men to have sex with men, or boys, and at that time I still looked like a boy. I was only 16 and my family had various problems, so I was just working everything out.”

Keng is 22, very slim, and now an incredibly beautiful woman.

The operation to change from a man to a woman took place last year. It cost her several thousand dollars, which she earned as a prostitute on the streets.

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