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Victory for our security

August 16, 2007

Vito Fossella
August 16, 2007

If left unchecked, al Qaeda will topple another building in the United States, hijack another airliner filled with innocent victims or detonate a nuclear or chemical bomb on a crowded street.
An new Internet message from the terror group shows the White House engulfed in flames and the words “Soon… God willing” — a chilling reminder that September 11, 2001, may have occurred nearly six years ago, but the terrorists’ thirst for blood remains unquenched.
That is why it was a victory for the security of American people and a major blow for our enemies when Congress passed legislation earlier this month to update the law that governs the surveillance of terrorists overseas.

For the Democratic Congress, it was one more example of its failure to protect our nation. If not for the 99 percent of Republicans who voted for the bill (or the fact that 82 percent of Democrats voted against), the measure would have failed — and intelligence officials would have been denied the tools they need to urgently monitor communications between suspected terrorists in foreign countries.

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