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Stuff I can’t Explain: So Better to Laugh

July 27, 2007

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
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I noticed about an hour after my wife left for work that her glasses were on the kitchen counter. I called to ask her if she wanted me to bring them over. The answer perplexed me.

“No. Forget it. I only need them to drive.”

Many questions. If she “only needs them to drive” how in God’s name did she navigate the ten miles to work? And if she did drive to work why did she spend the money on glasses?


I disturbed a homeless lady in the parking lot this morning. She was seated on the ground and leaning against my car.

When I approached she growled, “Can’t you see I’m reading my Wall Street Journal”?

“My” Wall Street Journal as if it was delivered to her daily near my car….

I cannot explain this one bit….


Where I stop for newspapers and coffee in the morning a Korean man was buying a taco. I stupidly asked, “You eat Mexican food for breakfast”?

He said, “I’m South-American-Korean.”

In America you can be whomever you want.


I haven’t fallen asleep during a movie in five years or more. Last night I fell asleep during an airing of “The Passion of the Christ.”

I think you go to hell for that.

Have a great weekend!