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Life After Virginia Tech

September 6, 2007

By Larry Gordon
Los Angeles Times
September 4, 2007

Discussions about social life, academic success and meal plans still dominate college freshmen orientations, but a more somber note also is being heard this season as new students lug their laptops and mini-fridges into dorm rooms.

In the wake of the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech in April, many colleges and universities in California, and around the nation, are forcefully tackling issues of security and mental health during summer orientation seminars and greet-the-frosh gatherings with parents and new students before regular classes begin.

Some are introducing new emergency notification systems or reinforcing procedures already in place. Many are more explicitly telling students how and when to seek mental health counseling for themselves and urging them to report classmates who may need intervention, as the Virginia Tech gunman desperately did before he killed 32 people and himself in the campus massacre.

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