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Another ‘Year of the Rat’

September 24, 2007

William C. Triplett II
The Washington Times
September 24, 2007

In traditional Chinese thinking the 12-year zodiac cycle is thought to have great influence on worldly events.

In 1996, a Year of the Rat, Bill Clinton drowned Bob Dole in a tidal wave of illegal campaign contributions, at least some of which originated from Chinese military intelligence at the highest levels. Afterwards, Democratic Party donors John Huang, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung and Maria Hsia all pled guilty to federal campaign finance law violations and James Riady paid a fine of $8.6 million, the largest fine in campaign finance history. If John Fund of the Wall Street Journal is correct, something on the order of 120 people associated with illegal donations to the Democratic Party and the Clintons either pled guilty, turned state’s evidence or fled the country.

In his new book on Hillary Clinton, Carl Bernstein of Woodward and Bernstein fame reports that with the exception of Bill Clinton’s “libidinous carelessness, the most egregious errors” of the Clinton co-presidency were traceable to Hillary.

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