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Strategic airlift on artificial life support

November 5, 2007

Jim Saxton
The Washington Times
November 5, 2007

When there is a conflict in some far-off place and the decision is made for the United States to intervene militarily, it is vital that our troops and their supplies and equipment get there fast. For this, a modern airlift fleet is essential. But some in Congress do not understand this and have created “artificial barriers” to providing the airlift necessary to accomplish efficient, rapid, and safe deployments.

The Pentagon’s strategic airlift strategy, we have been told, will require “300 capable strategic aircraft” to ferry our military personnel and their equipment to various future theaters of conflict.

Today, there are two possibilities as far as those airlifters are concerned: the C-17, the most modern and by far the most capable; and the C-5, an aircraft first built in the 1960s. Assuming 300 airlifters will do the trick….

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