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College Football Heavies Dont’s See Obama Has Any Place In Their Game

November 20, 2008

There’s little chance that the president-elect can bring about a playoff in major college football.

By Chris Dufresne
The Los Angeles Times

Take out a quill — the kind Thomas Jefferson used to pen the Declaration of Independence — and declare this:

President-elect Barack Obama will solve the Middle East crisis before he solves the Bowl Championship Series.

He’ll get the polar ice caps to stop melting before he gets “sensible” people to come to a college football consensus.

It was exciting, with all the woes in the world, that Obama would take time on “60 Minutes” to campaign for an eight-team playoff.

Any President who knows there is an SEC other than the Securities and Exchange Commission is all right in my book.

We can even see bashing the unpopular BCS to win electoral votes. Obama first made his playoff plea to ESPN’s Chris Berman on the eve of the election.

The next day he scored a shocking upset in Indiana, which may end up with a 12-0 Ball State team getting shut out of the national title picture.

That’s political genius.

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