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Taiwan vote could offer new start for frayed U.S. ties

March 7, 2008
By Paul Eckert, Asia Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When Taiwan voters elect a successor to President Chen Shui-bian later this month, their self-ruled island will get a fresh start in vital ties with the United States that have deteriorated on Chen’s watch.

Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential ...
Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Frank Hsieh (L) holds up his pledge during a meeting with aborigines in Taipei March 7, 2008.
(Nicky Loh/Reuters)

What the March 22 vote will not change, however, is a complex tangle which has seen China boosting its military readiness to enforce its claim of sovereignty over Taiwan, even as the United States seeks closer ties with Beijing despite commitment under its own laws to help defend the island.

“There is a problem with cross-strait relations: it’s much less stable than one would think,” said Dan Blumenthal, a former Pentagon official and China expert at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think-tank.

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