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Democrats in Denial

January 4, 2008

 By Michael Gerson
The Washington Post
Friday, January 4, 2008; Page A21

If 2006 was a year of denial for the Bush administration — demonstrating that patience in pursuit of a failing military strategy is not a virtue — 2007 was a period of awakening. Like Abraham Lincoln before him, the president discovered the cathartic pleasure of replacing generals. In Petraeus, Bush found his Grant. He also found that war, like politics, is the art of adjustment.

As the political blitzkrieg of 2008 begins in earnest, it is the Democrats who, on a number of key issues, are living in a state of denial.

Instead of criticizing an increasingly successful Iraq strategy, it would be helpful to hear some realistic proposals to improve American prospects in Afghanistan, where violence has reached its highest level in four years. NATO‘s military efforts in that country are uncoordinated, even incoherent — demonstrating the risks of multilateralism. The resolve of some European nations is wavering. An al-Qaeda ministate is developing across the Pakistan border. How would a Democratic response differ from the current one?

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