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Obama’s Church Founded on “Destruction of White Enemy”

April 1, 2008

By S. A. Miller
The Washington Times
April 1, 2008
(This is not an “April Fools” joke)

The church where Sen. Barack Obama has worshipped for two decades publicly declares that its ministry is founded on a 1960s book that espouses “the destruction of the white enemy.”
During his appearance last week on ABC's

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) makes ...

During his appearance last week on ABC’s “The View,” Sen. Barack Obama tells hosts (from left) Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck that if they visited his “wonderful, welcoming church” on any given Sunday, the themes of mercy, sin, family and forgiveness would make them “feel right at home.” (ABC-TV via Associated Press)
Trinity United Church of Christ’s Web site says its teachings are based on the black liberation theology of James H. Cone and his 1969 book “Black Theology and Black Power.”
“What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love,” Mr. Cone wrote in the book.
Mr. Cone, a professor at the Union Theological Seminary in New York, added that “black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy.”
Mr. Obama’s campaign, which for weeks has weathered criticism about inflammatory racial language by the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. at Trinity, said the candidate “vehemently disagrees” with those tenets.

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