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Hillary, Desperate, Tries to Avoid Becoming Toast

January 8, 2008

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
January 8, 2008 

Mark Leibovich writes that even former President Bill Clinton is now greeted with listless, sleepy, lifeless New Hampshire audiences.

And, in a move some have said is pure desperation, Bill Clinton’s former hit men James Carville and Paul Begala will join Team Hillary Wednesday.  But they want no part of New Hampshire.

James Carville

Rumor has it Carville and Begala will not accept any money for their work.  Don’t expect them to accept any blame, either, if they cannot get the Hillary Train back on the tracks.

It is a trainwreck, America.  Great for TV.

Mr. Leibovich’s column appeared in the International Herald tribune today.  The title is: “As a surrogate, Bill Clinton doesn’t cause the same stir in New Hampshire.”
As a surrogate, Bill Clinton doesn’t cause the same stir in New Hampshire
By Mark Leibovich
International Herald Tribune
January 8, 2008

DURHAM, New Hampshire: Is this what it would have been like had Elvis been reduced to playing Reno?
Former President Bill Clinton has been drawing sleepy and sometimes smallish crowds at big venues in the state that revived his presidential campaign in 1992. He entered to polite applause and rows of empty seats at the University of New Hampshire on Friday. .
Several people filed out mid-speech, and the room was largely quiet as he spoke, with few interruptions for laughter or applause. He talked about his administration, his foundation work and some about his wife.
“Hillary’s got good plans,” Clinton kept saying as he worked through a hoarse-voiced litany of why his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, is a “world-class change agent.” He urged his audience to “caucus” on Tuesday for Mrs. Clinton, before correcting himself (“vote”). He took questions, quickly worked a rope line and left.

Maybe the sluggish day was a blip. It was, in fairness….

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Brian Snyder/Reuters

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