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al-Qaeda, Taliban Continue Pakistan Campaign

August 19, 2007

Dear John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Dear Sir,

I am really grateful for your kind cooperation as the situation has been heading towards peace and freedom. Some time the terrorists make the strike.

But the killing of Shamsul Wahab, the scion of ruling family of Bajaur Agency, tribal has broken my heart. There was complete mourning in the agency as the people of Bajaur Agency have great love and affection for their princes.

No one knows, but this is the fact there was a time when Bajaur Agency was a small state ruled by the the family of the deceased family. Pakistan has brought the areas under its control in 1973 and abolished the state. The people have accepted Pakistan as they thought now Pakistan will provide education to their children.

But what the Pakistan did it had created Taliban and terrorists. The rulers of Pakistan have never given attention to the areas. Education remained the most neglected sector.

The terrorists and Taliban have been continuing the attacks for creating terror in the areas.

According to reports, a bomb explosion partially damaged a levies check-post in the Mamond tehsil of the Bajaur Agency late Friday, prompting the authorities to arrest 18 people under Section 40 of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR).

Sources said that unidentified people targeted the Balod levies check-post with a time device which went off with a bang, damaging the post partly but causing no loss to human life.

They said the political authorities moved swiftly to arrest 18 local people under Section 40 of the FCR in this connection.

Meanwhile, the bomb disposal squad defused a second time device on a tip off and stepped security in the region.

Another report from Waziristan stated that a suicide bomber killed two soldiers Saturday and two others died in a fierce clash with militants in Waziristan, officials said.

The suicide attack occurred at the Dharkhubi checkpost near the town of Mir Ali, the main town of volatile North Waziristan tribal agency, a security official said.

“Two paramilitary soldiers were killed and two others were seriously hurt in the suicide bombing,” the official said.

Two other paramilitary soldiers were killed when militants attacked Isha and Qamar checkposts in North Waziristan, a security official said.

Both sides traded intense rocket and mortar fire for two hours, he added.

Gunmen also killed one policeman Saturday when they lobbed a hand grenade at a police checkpost in the northwestern town of Bannu, senior police official Dar Ali Khattak said. The attack injured five other officers and the culprits fled on motorcycles, he said.

A suicide bomber also blew himself to pieces in Bannu after being cornered by police, injuring one policeman and a civilian, Khattak said.

Saturday’s violence came on the heels of other clashes in North Waziristan, where the Pakistani army is hunting pro-Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants who fled Afghanistan after a US-led invasion in late 2001.

Clashes between security forces and militants have been reported daily from the lawless district since the breakdown in July of a peace deal signed by the authorities and pro-Taliban groups in September last year.

Earlier, a soldier was injured in a firefight with suspected militants, officials said. The soldier was hurt when militants clashed with security forces near the Christian cemetery in Miranshah. Separately, militants fired up to 20 rockets before dawn at the Banda checkpost outside Miranshah, but there were no reports of casualties from the incident, an official said.

In neighbouring South Waziristan, a tribal “jirga,” set off to negotiate the release of 15 paramilitary soldiers taken hostage by militants last week, senior local government official Hussain Zada said.

“We hope the jirga will be able to secure release of the kidnapped soldiers and help bring peace to the area,” he said of the meeting due to take place in the town of Spinkai Raghzai.

The suspected militants from the dominant Mehsud tribe last week beheaded one of 16 kidnapped soldiers and threatened to kill more unless the authorities release 10 of their men. Te army said Friday that 15 militants were killed and a dozen others injured in clashes on Thursday which erupted after militants tried to ambush a security forces convoy on the Jandola road.

Seven soldiers also died.

The Waziristan tribal belt has been the scene recently of escalated military operations against suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda cells believed to be planning attacks from there within Pakistan, in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.

Dear Sir, I shall repeat my appeal to the US government to exert more pressure Pakistan to control terrorism. At least they should be asked not support these terrorists. Stop funding to these terrorists and Taliban.

Once again thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Khurshid
Khar, Bajaur Agency,
Tribal Areas Pakistan