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U.N. Peacekeepers Retreat as Rebels Advance in Congo

October 28, 2008

KILIMANYOKA, Congo  —  Congo rebels closed in relentlessly on the provincial capital of Goma on Tuesday, despite being attacked by U.N. peacekeepers in helicopters. Government troops scrambled south in a full-scale retreat, fleeing in tanks, trucks and on foot.

Adding to the melee, tens of thousands of civilians jammed the roads, fearing the rebel army that has a reputation for brutality. Many were carrying huge bundles of clothes, pots and bedding on their heads and swaddled infants on their chests. Even young children balanced sacks of food on their heads, walking along rutted roads in bare feet.

From the Associated Press

Thousands spent the night sleeping on the muddy ground, with no protection from tropical showers.

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Turkey Conducts Air Attack on Kurds on Iran’s Border

October 24, 2007

By SELCAN HACAOGLU, Associated Press 

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships reportedly attacked positions of Kurdish rebels just inside Turkey along the border with Iraq on Wednesday, as Turkey’s military stepped up its anti-rebel operations.

As the military stepped up its anti-rebel operations, civilian and military leaders discussed the scope and duration of a possible cross-border offensive — a move that Turkey’s Western allies are trying to prevent.

Several F-16 warplanes loaded with bombs took off from an air base in southeastern city of Diyarbakir….Read the rest: