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Vietnam: The Importance of “One UN” Initiative

March 30, 2008

Overview: According to recent U.N. reports, In Vietnam…

“The UN, at country level, is fragmented,with built-in inefficiencies, and that the development impact of the UN’s work would be enhanced if planned, implemented and monitored better together. The question was not ‘should the UN reform’, but ‘how do we reform’ to achieve the best results for those the UN is here to serve:

the Government and people of Viet Nam.
Flag of the United Nations

Considering incrementalism the worst enemy of innovation, an ambitious reform vision was drafted. The objective of the One UN Initiative was to establish a One (integrated) United Nations. The paper outlined the necessary UN reform measures within the context of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and its contextualization in Viet Nam, the Hanoi Core Statement on Aid Effectiveness (HCS).

The HCS calls on donors to align to national development strategies and national systems, to reduce the transaction costs associated with delivering ODA, to focus more on managing for development results and to establish systems of mutual accountability.

The Prime Minister [of Vietnam] was closely engaged in the One UN Initiative for a transformed UN, integrating the participating Agencies, with unity of purpose, coherence in management and efficiency and effectiveness in operations.

He approved the ‘Agreed Principles, Objectives and Instruments’ to achieve One United Nations in Viet Nam and the Terms of Reference for the Tripartite National Task Force (TNTF). The TNTF, comprising of the Government Aid Coordinating Agencies, representatives from the donor community and the participating UN Agencies, was charged with the responsibility to advance UN reform by providing effective oversight of the process, and to operationalize the roadmap….

From: VietnamNetBridge
March 30, 2008

Vietnam attaches great importance to reforming United Nations development activities, one of which is the “One UN” Initiative, a Vietnamese diplomat has affirmed.

Permanent Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh made the statement at a consultation meeting of the United Nations General Assembly entitled “System-wide Coherence” and the implementation of “One UN” Initiative held in New York on March 28.

“Vietnam shares the position of the Group of 77 that the “One UN” initiative, like any other in the process of UN development cooperation reform, should ensure the ownership and leadership of the host government and be flexibly tailored to suit the specific conditions and circumstances in each individual country,” Minh said.

According to the Vietnamese diplomat, while the initiative is meant to improve the efficiency of UN development assistance, “it should not be considered a substitute for adequate resources which are essential to development assistance itself.”

The deputy minister also pointed out many complicated tasks that remain to be completed, including both the implementation of mutually agreed plans and the solution of technical issues concerning the management and execution of programmes of UN agencies.

“That necessitates a strong consensus among UN agencies as well as their adequate and active cooperation for the common goals of the “One UN” initiative,” he said, emphasising that “the Government of Vietnam appreciates the cooperation extended to the country by UN agencies and other development partners in these reform efforts and looks forward to receiving their continued valuable support.

Vietnamese deputy permanent representative to the UN
Ambassador Bui The Giang stressed that “as a responsible member of the UN, Vietnam holds that participation in and contribution to its reform is a must-do obligation with a view to bringing about a new and stronger vitality to this organization which will in turn yield greater benefits to its members.”

The “One UN” Initiative is being carried out on a trial basis in eight countries: Albania, Cape Verde, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uruguay and Vietnam.

(Source: VNA)