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Assault At The White House!

November 6, 2008

White House First Dog Barney put his teeth into a White House reporter today and drew blood.

“First dog shows first fangs!”


But wait: If Barney bit a reporter he is only doing what everyone at the White House wants to do, what every Republican wants to do, and what Barack Obama will soon learn: there is nothing like drawing blood from the bood-hungry media.

John McCain: eat your heart out.  You owe one to Barney!

Word is that Barack’s kids are looking for a puppy; but the President Elect already has a pit bull: Rahm Emanuel.

Barney told Peace and Freedom he would make a full apology.
Miss Beazley had no comment.

May 2004

From the Associated Press
It seems President Bush’s dog Barney wasn’t much in the mood for friendly attention during his walk outside the White House on Thursday. So when Reuters reporter Jon Decker reached down to pet the Scottish terrier, the seemingly docile dog snapped at him and bit Decker’s right index finger.

Reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks happened to capture the moment on video.

And, naturally, it soon wound up on YouTube. The video comes to an end with a freeze frame on Barney’s fangs.

In this Feb. 29, 2008 file photo, President Bush and his dog ... 
Two scrappy mutts…

Barney won’t have to worry about bothersome reporters much longer. The Bush administration ends in 75 days, and the president is headed back to Texas.

Sally McDonough, a spokeswoman for first lady Laura Bush, said of Barney: “I think it was his way of saying he was done with the paparazzi.”

Mrs. Bush asked McDonough to call Decker and make sure he was fine. She reports that Decker “is being a good sport about it all.”

See the video:
From ABC and

Miss Beazley.jpg
Above: Miss Beazley

Reuters reporter Jon Decker shows his bandaged finger after ... 
Reuters reporter Jon Decker shows his bandaged finger after he was bitten by President George W. Bush’s dog Barney at the White House in Washington, November 6, 2008.(Larry Downing/Reuters)

Coke, Superstars, Booze, Jail and Rehab: Amy Winehouse

November 5, 2008

Singer Amy Winehouse’s husband, jailed for an assault on a pub landlord in 2006 and perverting the course of justice, has been released from prison.

Blake Fielder-Civil, 26, of Camden, north London, was jailed for 27 months for assaulting James King at the Macbeths pub in Hoxton, east London.

From the BBC

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil

Blake Fielder-Civil admitted assault on the pub landlord

He also admitted trying to bribe Mr King to withdraw his complaint.

He is believed to have checked into rehab soon after he was freed from Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk.

In July Fielder-Civil was jailed by Snaresbrook Crown Court after admitting both charges against him.

The nine months he spent in jail on remand was deducted from his sentence.

It is believed his time in rehab is a part of the terms of his release.

Winehouse was not present when her husband was released from prison.

TV anchorwoman Anne Pressly found badly beaten at home

October 21, 2008

A US breakfast television anchorwoman who had a bit part in the Oliver Stone biopic W about President Bush has been found beaten nearly to death in her bed.

In this photo released by KATV Television Monday, Oct. 20, 2008, ... 
In this photo released by KATV Television Monday, Oct. 20, 2008, news anchor Anne Pressly, 26, is shown in a June 26, 2008, photo in Little Rock, Ark. Pressly, 26, a popular TV anchorwoman remained in critical condition Monday after she was stabbed and beaten in her home, for reasons not yet known.(AP Photo/KATV Television)

Anne Pressly, 26, was discovered by her mother at 4.30am after she failed to respond to a wake-up call for her shift yesterday on Daybreak, the early breakfast show on KATV , a TV station in Arkansas.

Alerted by the TV station, her mother went round to Miss Pressly’s home in Little Rock and found her lying unconscious and bleeding from the head. She had suffered a vicious beating to her upper body with am unknown blunt instrument.

Police say there was no sign of forced entry, but that her purse was missing from the house, so the motive for the attack may have been robbery.

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What We Know About Pakistan’s War Against Terrorists Comes Mostly From Pakistan’s Government

October 18, 2008

One problem with Pakistan’s war against terrorists including al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the Tribal Areas is Pakistan’s set of self imposed restrictions on journalists and foreigners.  Like China, Vietnam and other “closed” societies, Pakistan has decided that what you know about the tribal areas will come only from the Government of Pakistan.  This is why we at Peace and Freedom have ventured into the region and why we so highly value the contributions of Muhammad Khurshid, now fired from his job as a newspaper journalist in Pakistan and “lost” somewhere in the tribal region….

Troops backed by helicopter gunships and artillery pounded militant positions in northwest Pakistan, killing 60 fighters and wounding many others, the military said Saturday.

From the Assoaciated Press

Pakistani soldiers patrol the Najia mountains in the Swat valley. ... 

The assault happened Friday evening in the Swat valley shortly before a senior U.S. official arrived in Pakistan for talks with leaders of a country vital to Western security concerns.

Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher held talks in Islamabad on Saturday morning with Pakistan’s Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik and was expected to meet other leaders later in the day. He made no public comment.

U.S. officials, concerned about rising militancy in both nuclear-armed Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan, have praised Pakistani efforts to clear Taliban and al-Qaida strongholds near its northwestern frontier.

But militants are mounting stiff resistance including a string of suicide attacks that could fan widespread Pakistani concern that they are paying too high a price for their front-line role in the U.S.-led war on terror.

An army statement said Friday’s offensive killed at least 60 militants and wounded many more near the town of Matta.

It was not immediately possible to independently confirm the casualties. Reporters cannot visit the area because of poor security and government restrictions….

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Supporters of Pakistani Islamist parties burn a U.S. flag, during ... 
Supporters of Pakistani Islamist parties burn a U.S. flag, during a protest rally against U.S. strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas along the Afghanistan border, in Lahore October 17, 2008.REUTERS/Mohsin Raza (PAKISTAN)

Pakistan Charges American With Illegal Entry, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

(CNN) — Pakistani authorities have charged an American being held in Pakistan’s tribal region with illegal entry and illegal possession of a weapon, the State Department said Friday.

Juddi Kenan Mohamed was arrested Monday at a checkpoint in the northern district of Mohmand near Peshawar as he was trying to enter the area, said Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States.

Mohamed was carrying a U.S. passport and said he was traveling to see a friend in the tribal area near the Afghanistan border, Haqqani said. However, he was detained because all foreigners are required to have a permit to enter such areas.

There is no evidence Mohamed poses a security risk, Haqqani said.

Gordon Duguid, a State Department spokesman, said the U.S. consul general visited Mohamed in Islamabad on Tuesday and is seeking another visit.

The United States is providing “all possible assistance” to Mohamed, including helping him find a lawyer, Duguid said.

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Man Punched Vietnamese Official, Freed On Bond

September 6, 2007

ARLINGTON, Va. — A Vietnamese immigrant facing possible deportation after punching out a top minister of that country’s Communist regime at a protest two years ago was ordered free on bond Wednesday by an immigration judge despite prosecutors’ objections.

Tuan Phuoc Le, 35, of Lilburn, Ga., has been jailed since October, when he was sentenced to nine months in prison for assaulting Nguyen Quoc Huy, vice chairman of the Vietnamese prime minister’s office. The assault occurred in June 2005 in Washington, where Huy was part of the first Vietnamese delegation to visit the White House since the end of the Vietnam War.

Le’s criminal sentence ended in July, but instead of going free he was transferred to immigration custody.

Le’s immigration lawyer, Parastoo Zahedi, said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement backed out of a deal that would have allowed Le to stay in the United States. He has been fighting deportation because he would face persecution in Vietnam, Zahedi said.

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Vietnamese-American Man Faces Deportation For Anti-Communists Act