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Rice sees red and Pink

October 25, 2007

By Andrea Billups and Jim McElhatton
The Washington Times
October 25, 2007

A leader of the feminist antiwar group Code Pink opted for blood red yesterday when preying on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a brazen publicity stunt. 

The protest group staged its latest Capitol Hill outburst when one member rushed Miss Rice before a House hearing, wrapped her arms around the secretary and screamed “war criminal” as she displayed her red painted hands. Other Code Pink members held signs that read “Blood on Your Hands.”

“Out,” ordered committee chairman, Rep. Tom Lantos, California Democrat.

Capitol Hill police quickly grabbed Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz of Los Angeles and arrested her along with four others. They screamed: “What are you doing?….
An irate woman with her hands painted blood-red confronted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the US Congress Wednesday, shouting “war criminal” before being hauled away by Capitol security(AFP/Getty Images/Mark Wilson)

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Pat Buchanan: Behold Retreating Anti-War Dems

September 17, 2007

Union Leader
September 17, 2007

IN NOVEMBER 2006, Republicans were voted out of power in the Congress and Democrats installed to bring an end to U.S. involvement in the war in Iraq.

The war had been going on as long as America’s war on Nazi Germany. No end was in sight. U.S. casualties and costs were rising. Bush’s approval rating had sunk to record lows.

The day after the GOP rout, Bush cashiered his war minister, Donald Rumsfeld….

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Do We Want An Ignoramus for President?

September 14, 2007

By Russell Wilcox
September 14, 2007

From Hillary Clinton to Dennis Kucinich, all we hear from the Democratic candidates are petulant and childish complaints of impatience with the progress being made in Iraq. They seem to show no understanding of what is going on in Iraq or of our own history.

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Culture war and meaning of our nation

The Stuff of Thought

Murtha pushes new troop withdrawal plan

July 25, 2007

By ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press

WASHINGTON – A leading Democratic House Iraq war critic said Wednesday he’ll soon push legislation that would order U.S. troop withdrawals to begin in two months and predicted Republicans will swing behind it this time.

A vote on Rep. John Murtha’s proposal likely will come in September, when Iraq commander Gen. David Petraeus delivers a long-anticipated assessment on the war and members of Congress weigh some $600 billion in defense spending requested by President Bush.

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Hillary, Kerry join against Pentagon

July 21, 2007

By Stephen Dinan and Sara A. Carter
The Washington Times
July 21, 2007

Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Kerry yesterday announced a bill to force the Pentagon to begin planning how to withdraw from Iraq, fighting back after a top Defense Department official said that publicly talking about pulling out “reinforces enemy propaganda.”

After calling earlier this year for a briefing on how the Pentagon would withdraw its troops, Mrs. Clinton received a reply by letter this week that she said amounts to “impugning the patriotism of any of us who raise serious questions.” She said she will ask the defense secretary to intervene and repudiate the letter, written by Undersecretary Eric S. Edelman.

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