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U.S. satellites dodge Chinese missile debris

January 11, 2008

By Bill Gertz
The Washington Times
January 11, 2008

Two orbiting U.S. spacecraft were forced to change course to avoid being damaged by the thousands of pieces of space debris produced after China carried out an anti-satellite weapon test one year ago today.

The maneuvering, ordered by ground controllers and conducted several months after the test, is an example of lingering problems caused by China’s Jan. 11, 2007, missile firing in a bold demonstration of space weaponry against a weather satellite, said Air Force Brig. Gen. Ted Kresge, director of air, space and information operations at the Air Force Space Command in Colorado.

Gen. Kresge, a F-15 fighter pilot, said the Chinese ASAT weapon test changed the equation for the military, which is working to better understand strategic threats posed by China’s satellite-killing missiles, ground-based lasers, cyberwarfare and other ground station attack capabilities.

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