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Beijing Needs A Lesson in Public Relations

March 13, 2008

By Christian Toto
The Washington Times
March 13, 2008

China, an emerging superpower with a booming economy to match its military might, appears to need a lesson in good, old-fashioned PR as it struggles with its international image prior to hosting the Olympic Games in August.
The country’s latest public relations fiasco involves one of the country’s newest movie stars, Tang Wei. The actress starred in last year’s critically acclaimed “Lust, Caution” from director Ang Lee. This week, China unofficially blacklisted Miss Wei for her role in the movie as a student activist who displayed unpatriotic behavior during the Japanese occupation, according to numerous press reports.
Taiwan-born film director Ang Lee (L) escorts Chinese actress ... 
Taiwan-born film director Ang Lee (L) escorts Chinese actress Tang Wei during a Japan premiere event of their movie “Lust, Caution” in Tokyo January 24, 2008. Lee has come out in support of Tang, whose advertisements have been blacklisted in China following her steamy turn in Lee’s “Lust, Caution”. REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao

“I am very disappointed that Tang Wei is being hurt by this decision,” Mr. Lee said Tuesday. “We will do everything to support her in this difficult time.”

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